I answered the questions and signed up for updates; but I have no confidence that ARC has a chance of changing the trajectory of the world. America, once the "shining city on the hill", has become the epicenter of perversion, greed, and everything evil. A revolution is coming and it will most likely occur when the BRICs recognize their power and when America's control of Western Europe has been exposed as the fascist terrorism that it is.

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Bert, I checked out the names and profiles of the organizing committee. It's not good. I recognize several names as part of the globalist fuckery. Niall Ferguson, to name a biggie:


He is the one who fudged a bunch of numbers, saying that millions of people in the U.K. alone would die from "Covid-19." His "data" was the basis of a fear mongering campaign to justify all of the horrors, from forced business closures to mask "mandates" to "rushing a vaccine to market."

It's nice to think that there are people in high places organizing to save us and the planet, but I don't think they're doing anything but projecting "Savior Programming" while they save the planet and her resources for themselves. All of the people on this committee are big in their fields, which screams "artificial elevation" and black magic to me.

I could be wrong about this group, but I think they're part of the death cult.

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