They want to be God... it will not end well...

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I am writing my book, The Financial Jigsaw Part 2 now Bert; here's the Introduction:


Over the course of 2+ years I will be serialising the book based on my Plan 'B': https://austrianpeter.substack.com/p/progressing-plan-b-a-quarterly-review?s=w

It is a manual for 'Protecting' your assets (not money) and 'Surviving' or prospering in the 'New Emergent Economy' described in Chapter 13 - TFJ Part 1:


"The Chinese word for crisis 危机 Wéijī translates to “danger, to endanger.” However, 机 (jī) by itself doesn't really translate to “opportunity”. 机会 (ji hui) means “opportunity”, but an accurate translation of 机(jī) by itself is more like “a crucial point, when something begins to change."

So we have the ability to overcome danger and seek opportunity - thus there is hope.

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Bert, the website (and/or the link itself) was not viewable just now when I clicked on it. Who knows, maybe there was too much traffic to the post and their server couldn't handle it! If so, that is a good sign since it means more people are becoming aware of the enslavement agenda.

Like you said in an earlier comment on another one of your posts, the wayward wizards are only good at a few things, and "incrementalism" is one of them. The slow crawl of mind-control.

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The link must be broken it comes up empty for me, even tried searching for it. I think I found it on other sites. My opinion, this will never get off the ground, it it does however, every country that has a central Bank would live under a complete tyranny. Of course the only real solution to all of these crazy ideas is to get rid of Central Banking entirely or similar ideas will continue to pop up now and then. Central Banks now control the money so they do indeed control the World with their debt based money system with interest, and their religion of fractional reserve banking which enables the Banks to create money out of thin air, which the Central Banks do all the time now.

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Jul 19·edited Jul 19Liked by Bert Powers

I don't think it is game over if they get it implement, but I also don't think they ever will get it implemented, so I'm likely biased - but that is what I think. It is founded on principle solid and resolute.

Remit at the office if you think tis game over.


ps - scary things don't scare me - I like to think about scary things cause I don't mind witches one bit.

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