Open resistance makes little sense, indeed:


When it comes to compliance, most people have been conditioned to do it. Up to 98 percent of crimes, for instance, are "solved," because people "confess" (it's reasonable to include the force of plea bargaining in the figures). Besides grooming children to become conformists at schools, the system has several tentacles:


Here is where everyone draws a line, whether they want to or not. Everybody has their limits. For example, here are mine:


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This is a Universe of Force. Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Choose your own paths, But I will Not Turn the Cheek, nor be Feed for Lions.

Employing Force requires a High Level of Responsibility. To Deny your own application of force and defense is an abdication of responsibility, imo.

Conduct Yourselves Accordingly

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I think the time is coming where TPTB will try their utmost to make us comply, and if we protest it too loudly they'll probably try to censor us by hurting us in some manner or other. If you haven't noticed yet, they've already tried their hardest to deprive the aged of their retirement, I think they will attack more aggressively in this area. In the 21st Century TPTB seem to care more and more for foreign interest rather than America in general, I believe this is how TPTB launder and steal money from we the people, that's why they do this. TPTB take from their citizens and do what they will with the funds and they never, ever ask the sheep because their too busy fleecing the Sheep. So eventually we the Sheep will have to make a stand and choose a side, otherwise we will indeed become more a slave than what we already are.

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I saw this Bert and CHS is my hero - we are definitely on the same page - I quote him often. Here is my advice about Non-Violent Action (NVA) - aka 'Peaceful Resistance'. Here are the guidelines: https://austrianpeter.substack.com/p/the-financial-jigsaw-part-2-special-36e?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email


AP - 'Power to the People'

NB: The rulers can only rule with the consent of 'The People'. Withdraw that consent and they are powerless!

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"It hit home with me and made perfect sense."


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