I love the author, and it's good that the link has been posted, because it exhibits many sides of the propaganda machine in which most of the opposition is led or controlled by the perps.

This time, let me disagree a little.

I stopped reading Brownstone a good while ago, because I find it misleading, repetitive, and uninformative.

Being jubilant, when people are about to be "vaccinated" with graphene oxide through the food supply, and the country only a step away from introducing the CBDC is, well, selling false hope. False hope sells, because it's cheap...

Most people have been bought, intimidated, or brainwashed to the point that they are now willing to give up their lives for the lies to which they have committed themselves (e.g., consider the MDs who died after "vaccination," because they wanted to believe the lies and were richly rewarded for spreading them).

How many people dared to enter a store without a muzzle? Excluding me and my wife, I counted six in a whole year, and the faceless morons were frightening. That's how most humans operate.

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Underlying that hope is the truth of everything: That we full-spectrum human beings are the Divine power that the wayward wizards seek. If we refuse to willingly give ourselves away to them, they lose all their sustenance. More of us need to wake up to that reality!

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The question is how can you get the public to realize there is a coup when they've been distracted from it for decades. Plus the fact that the majority of the G7 nations people have been infected with the 4 d's. Distracted, Totally disoriented, dumbed down and Demoralized to accept almost anything from the ruling class. Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but those are the present facts, I'm still watching too many people obeying Nonsense.

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