Everything these wayward wizards and their hand-selected members of the illegitimate criminals' club is about stealing from us so they can turn around and harm us even more.

Sadly, there are some people who are fully mind-controlled by their black-screen boxes that they do, indeed, think that wars are necessary, that big Pharma and the government care about them, and that taxes are absolutely necessary. Of course, they think that way to protect their cushy lives. Some people cannot handle cognitive dissonance. They have zero courage.

One of the things that tested my psycho-spiritual mettle was leaving home and moving to another state. I had to rely on myself and the one or two trusted friends I had. I made some terrible decisions and some very good decisions. I lived on people's sofas while I tried to get my life together. It required a lot of faith and inner work because I couldn't expect that my parents or other family members would bail me out. In fact, my mother emotionally abandoned me before any of this even occurred, around the age of 11, for the reason that I had no interest in following the path she wanted for me. So, being essentially motherless, I had to mother myself. It was best this way, since my mother had psychologically hardened and was an adult living with the mind of a 15-year-old.

My formative years with her were excellent. However, because she refused to fully mature and individuate, she was like the folks you talk about, totally at the mercy of the hierarchy above her.

Thanks for staying on top of these worldly issues, Bert. I simply can't afford the time to research everything, haha!

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There is always a hidden reason. Thanks for posting this!

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I highly recommend you check out this series by Corey Lynn.


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