Bert! I am saddened to hear about the tragic weather-induced end to your vacation. But of course I'm happy to hear that you all survived and with minimal injuries. Sounds like a situation that brought out the best in a lot of people in the immediate vicinity. Kind of restores one's faith in humanity, at least for a while!

I hope you all heal fully, from the physical injuries as well and the psychological trauma. Much love.

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Small is beautiful Bert but the oligarchs haven't learned that yet. But in time they will when their magical wealth evaporates and they are forced to face the reality of gardening!

OT - Bean Report - my beans have not prospered in spite of planting seeds directly into the garden at the start of June planting season. I planned to stage them, 8 canes in the first wigwam (3 came up, looking a little sad plus of course my 'Champion' -the survivor of 15 pots in early May!). Then a neighbour gave me 8 seedlings from his pots ready to plant and I put them in today with a second wigwam, and filled 2 holes in the first one.

So now I must wait until nature does her magic, or not. I will report next month.

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It's refreshing to hear that there is still kindness and a willingness to help one's fellow human beings, All is not lost when hearing of stories like this. I had a similar experience when I was a teenager and my family and I got into a bad auto accident near Knob Noster, MO near the Whiteman AFB on Hiway 50. Many passerbyes stopped and gave assistance, we were all in pretty bad shape, we all ended up in a Sedalia Hospital. OMG man, you should have told me earlier about this.. I was also once in the mountains of Colorado when a thunderstorm hit us, I was only 9 or 10 at the time, it rained so hard we could not see a thing, pulled off the side of the road to wait it out, the Rockies have storms where you can't see a thing. Hope you and your family are much better now.

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