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I really like your idea, I really do. However, you just knew the however was coming didn't you now be honest. When your automobile frame has rusted completely through, the engine gave out a long time ago and the transmission is beyond repair, plus the computer doesn't know what's going on, you scrape the automobile, that's where it stands now, it's gone and it ain't coming back. Anything to discuss to fix the problem must be discussed the old analog method, otherwise the Tyrants will remove you one way or the other. Everything is bought and paid for so it is all controlled without the need for anybody's permission and it's in your face now on a daily basis.

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A third party sounds great, but until that little clique of psychopaths is eradicated from the scene I doubt it would make any difference. When you control 95% of all the wealth in the world as well as the food supply and the medical establishment and the media and…………well you get the picture. These little bastards are pretty well insulated from us deplorables and most of us deplorables are easily corrupted…..after all “orders are orders” And….fear is a great motivator to go along with “the program”. TPTB wield the power of fear and retribution exceedingly well. I keep thinking we will reach some kind of critical mass and us “ deplorables” will rise up and clean these vermin out, but I just ain’t seein’ it yet. That being said, if we do ever get the numbers to do anything bout this situation, the whole system’s gotta go….it was flawed and easily corrupted from the very beginning. Humans being what they are, the Constitution was being actively subverted before the ink dried on the document. So……I have no answers r/t fixing “the system”, the “system” has gotta go. We can never have so much power concentrated in the hands of so few EVER AGAIN……it just won’t work. Radical decentralization is the only answer with power and authority wielded at the state or even the local level. It’s a lot easier controlling some wannabe dictator in Topeka or Olathe than in DC…..DC doesn’t represent us, they never did. So…tear up the Constitution…..it has failed miserably….and go back to “The Articles of Confederation”, clean out these scum……easier said than done….,get a sound commodity backed currency that can’t be manipulated, and never let so few psychos acquire so much power ever again…….and finally level DC and make it a giant parking lot.

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Well, you probably know how I feel about the gub'mint, haha. As in, no party/no rulers. As to your quote:

"There are a few die hard loyal party members who stick to their guns...."

I think those are plants, to give people the idea that "party loyalty" equates to "representation." How can one [s]elected official really represent the needs and desires of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people?

Also — and this is just me being super-skeptical — I think that the agenda and votes are already programmed into the system by the incrementalist wayward wizards. The "officials" simply play their highly paid role as good little MK-ULTRA slaves.

However, I always like to read your notions on trying to fix the system. Gotta try something, eh.🤗

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Let the Demorats fight it out with the Green party. The sane people need to put their minor differences on the side for the good of the country and vote Republican even though factions of it are getting squishy.

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Welcome to a dimension beyond that which is known to man, a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity, a dimension of imagination, an area which we call the Biden Zone.

You unlock this door with the key to Hell. Beyond it is another dimension—a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both lies and darkness. You’ve just crossed over into the Biden Zone.

As you wrote, Bert, we in the USA live in a world of deceit, perversion, murder, and death, a nation ruled by shadowy figures whose names must not be mentioned. We live under the Uniparty - a comical group of marionettes who have traded their integrity for gold. They pretend to disagree and their main purpose is to keep us arguing.

We do not need a 3rd Party. We need an Opposition Party. The Democrats have their Green Party and the GOP has its Libertarians; but when election day comes around, it is always a pantomime, an illusion, a fake.

The CIA has controlled the USA since JFK was murdered and it is not unlikely that Trump will join Jeffrey Epstein in the next fifteen months.

I love to think that Rand Paul or Tulsi Gabbard would team up with Joe Manchin and actually challenge the Chosen ones in 2024. Sadly, Donald Trump proved that the Swamp is too deep to drain.

We peasants simply have to wait and see whether NATO or the BRICS end up controlling the world after the preliminary bout in Ukraine.

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It all sounds great Bert, but as a Brit I have no idea how your very complex Military, Intelligence, Corporatation (MIC) actually works. My guess is that the Banksters are driving the bus (as in UK) and the passengers merely shout expletives to each other whilst the bus careers towards the inevitable cliff already in view?

But what do I know?



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